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  • Gamestop and the follies of finance
    The events of the past few weeks have told us two things about public markets and finance. One, that group behaviour can propel stocks to new highs with no apparent “rational” reason. […]
  • Antidepressants: a user’s tale
    CW: depression, very briefly referenced suicidal ideation I’ve been through periods of intense depression a couple of times in my life, beginning in my mid-teens when I would skip classes at high […]
  • Class of 2020: the fetishization of disadvantage
    The desire to portray one’s success, be it academic or cultural, in the meritocracy that so evidently doesn’t exist is becoming increasingly difficult to tolerate. Let’s face it, we live in an […]

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  • Bourbon Biscuits – a lockdown review
    I had longed for the Siberian wilderness. Bears, wolves, and a stout Soviet Ushanka for warmth. Despite the current cold snap, Warrington is nevertheless a far cry from such poetic ideals; my […]
  • Persian Poetry and the Western Gaze
    Ruby lips, perfumed hair, seeds of love, fires of ecstasy – it is not difficult to draw conclusions about what kind of poetry such images may figure in. Love poetry – oral […]
  • I Care A Lot about satire: the destruction of the Girlboss
    This review contains spoilers. Letterboxd user Jay wrote in their review of 2021’s I Care A Lot, directed by J Blakeson, ‘ladies, is it girlboss to trap the elderly in facilities and […]

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  • ACS Hustings take place
    The Presidential Hustings for Oxford African and Caribbean Society took place last night, with candidates flexing their credentials through the medium of Tik Tok. Hustings took almost three hours and candidates were […]
  • BREAKING: SU President-elect resigns
    The President-elect of the Student Union, Rashmi Samant, Linacre College, has resigned her office following pressure from JCRs, societies, and SU Campaigns.  In a short statement, posted to Samant’s Facebook, she stated: […]
  • SU President-Elect sends apology to college common room presidents and SU Campaign co-chairs
    CW: antisemitism, racism, and transphobia Rashmi Samant, Linacre College, the Student Union’s President-Elect, has sent an apology to JCR and MCR Presidents and SU Campaign leaders. The apology comes after both the […]

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