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  • Northern Ireland: what’s happening, and why does it matter?
    In the last few weeks, the streets of Northern Ireland have been troubled by violence. Shocking scenes have emerged of a bus being petrol bombed and children as young as 12 and […]
  • In Conversation with Right for Education Oxford
    This week The Flete spoke to Alisha Konnoth and Georgina Miles, the former and current presidents of R:Ed Oxford, an organisation which centres around providing important educational resources to the African subcontinent. […]
  • Oxford Civil Liberties Society in conversation
    In the wake of a bill proposed by the government which would have severe consequences on the right to protest in the UK, students at Oxford have founded a Society for Civil […]

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  • The Rising
  • Are black and white films back in style?
    In the Disney animated short film, Paperman (2012), everything is black and white except for the love interest’s lipstick (which is, of course, red). Her lipstick marks a piece of paper, standing […]
  • ‘Chick Flicks’: Iconic or Formulaic?
    From familiar character archetypes like the ‘dumb blonde’ or ‘mean girl’, to plot points like the ‘meet-cute’, the makeover scene, or the overused love triangle, it can sometimes feel like if you […]

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  • ACS Hustings take place
    The Presidential Hustings for Oxford African and Caribbean Society took place last night, with candidates flexing their credentials through the medium of Tik Tok. Hustings took almost three hours and candidates were […]
  • BREAKING: SU President-elect resigns
    The President-elect of the Student Union, Rashmi Samant, Linacre College, has resigned her office following pressure from JCRs, societies, and SU Campaigns.  In a short statement, posted to Samant’s Facebook, she stated: […]
  • SU President-Elect sends apology to college common room presidents and SU Campaign co-chairs
    CW: antisemitism, racism, and transphobia Rashmi Samant, Linacre College, the Student Union’s President-Elect, has sent an apology to JCR and MCR Presidents and SU Campaign leaders. The apology comes after both the […]

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