Resident Poet

Resident Poet

Poetry and journalism may not seem like the most natural friends. Journalism is where words sacrifice themselves for the good of communication and clarity; poetry, on the other hand, is where words go to indulge themselves in ambivalence of form and meaning. Journalism is the home of facts, poetry of fiction. And, as the story goes, facts and fiction do not mix.

How about a new story? A story in which fact and fiction are two sides of the same coin. A story where language, in any form, by any means, has the power to make us see things in new ways.

Poetry is what journalism would look like if it were set alight and were allowed to dance in its flames. Poetry can create music out of embers. Poetry keeps things going; it also tears things apart. Where journalism provides knowledge, poetry provides feeling. And so, sibling-like, the two friends lead us towards change.

Resident Poet – Ruth Thrush

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