Common Room

The Common Room

The Common Room section is something a little different for student newspapers in Oxford – the aim of the section is to create a space where everyone can see what’s going on in the student communities at each College, in the spirit of transparency and collaboration. If a college’s JCR does something differently to yours, this section will allow you to use their ideas and present them to your JCR, with proof that changing your systems or funding certain projects really can have an impact. Prospective students can also use this section to see where the interests of each college community lie – for example, if one college is doing really good work on racial equality, or is really involved with politics in a scope wider than Oxford.

Section Editor – Aaron Kai Shankar

“Hey, I’m Aaron (he/him) and I’m the section editor for the Common Room! I’m a second-year student at Wadham, doing German and Portuguese. I love seeing what the JCRs are doing, so I pitched this section to the EICs. I can’t wait to work with the Flete, and with some really talented, passionate writers! “

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