Oxford University states reservations about A Level algorithm

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In a statement released on Monday, the University has stated that they raised “deep reservations about the algorithm approach with Ofqual,” and that they have so far placed 300 applicants that missed their offers under the algorithm.

The government first announced the cancellation of A level exams in March, before the UK lockdown started. 

The University stated that they had been working to “support offer holders from disadvantaged backgrounds who were disproportionately issued grades below their conditional offer,” and described the situation this results day as “unacceptable.”

A source inside one of the colleges has revealed that preparations were underway to accept all of their offer-holders, regardless of grades, from the point at which A levels were cancelled. This was due to their belief that “grades would likely be unfair, and in any case wouldn’t be real.”

“Grades would likely be unfair, and in any case wouldn’t be real.”

The University has also stated that they will continue to “honour their offer of a place to all applicants whose CAG meets their conditional offer, in addition to those to whom we have already awarded places.” It is unclear, however, how this will play out, with the University stating that it faces “significant capacity constraints both within our colleges and on our academic courses.” They have not yet specified a date for admissions decisions to be finalised. 

Admissions Staff at Colleges have been contacted for Comment.

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  1. It is a relief that there has been a U turn with the algorhythm technique, while it is good that Oxford are making the effort to be more inclusive due to what had happened.

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