Your Story

Image: square scraps of paper scattered on a navy backdrop, by Bora Rex
  • Tell me something unbelievable. 
  • Tell me about the crashing waves
  • And the time as a child you fell and scraped your shin,
  • Tell me grazed skin and rubies of blood gleaming
  • With grit and dirt. Tell me something unimaginable.
  • Tell me about the way your heart broke
  • Again and again, until it was so fragile, a will-o’-the-wisp,
  • That shattered every time the light caught her eyes:
  • Tell me about ravens. Tell me about how they flew,
  • Low-swooping, over the lawn in winter,
  • About the warm honeyed bread you ate by the fire,
  • The ice-apples that grew from the fortress.
  • Tell me something impossible. 
  • Tell me how your father shot an angel from the sky
  • With his crossbow, how its anguished cry 
  • Left you deaf for six days, how they banished you from church.
  • Tell me about the decaying quartz behind your mouth, 
  • About the first year you lived away from home,
  • When it rained so hard the cellars flooded –
  • Tell me something incredible. Tell me about the moment
  • When you found the thing that puts the lightning in you,
  • Felt your passion for it tear at your insides.
  • Tell me about how quietly the halls rang 
  • When your grandmother was buried, how your brother
  • Kicked a wall and broke his foot, 
  • And how the selkies choired for you when you despaired.
  • Tell me something unthinkable. 
  • Tell me about the freedom you felt 
  • When you finally managed to cut part of yourself away,
  • To sculpt yourself like marble. 
  • Tell me how you ache to be seen, 
  • To be looked at piercingly all the way into your soul,
  • And how last month, when you were drunk,
  • You saw a centaur in the supermarket in the small hours.
  • Tell me something inconceivable.
  • Tell me every lie and truth that you have used 
  • To build and dress yourself into paper and shadows.
  • I want to hear all of it. 

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