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Joining the team

The Flete’s team is open for applications! We have all sorts of roles available, from more senior positions to the more casual position of a columnist. As part of Oxford’s youngest newspaper, members of the team have a real opportunity to shape the future of the paper and make their mark on student journalism as a whole, regardless of experience. If you’d simply like to pick up commissions occasionally, check out our Contributors Facebook page.

What roles are available?

Section Editors

Section Editors manage their designated sections of the newspaper, overseeing the creation and publication of content calls, the receipt of pitches, and the editing of articles. They have a keen enthusiasm for the relevant field. This is the role with the highest level of commitment required, but it still doesn’t take up more than a few hours of time a week.

Subsection Editors/Deputy Section Editors

Subsection and Deputy Section Editors create content calls, receive pitches, and edit articles for their section. The role requires a keen enthusiasm for the subject, in addition to a willingness to reach out to someone more experienced if the need arises. It is slightly less of a time commitment than the role of Section Editor.


Reporters keep an ear to the ground and look out for interesting stories to investigate and report on. The role is fast-paced and gives them a chance to be at the heart of what’s going on in Oxford.


Columnists produce weekly or biweekly articles on a recurring theme of their choice – it could be anecdotal, philosophical, or simply musings on a topic that interests you.

Media Team

The Media Team assists the Managing Directors in running the paper’s social media, in addition to thinking up advertising strategies and having a say in how the paper works. Being a member of the Media Team is the ideal role for someone who’d like to get involved in the newspaper but isn’t so keen on writing. We’re specifically looking for enterprising and enthusiastic candidates who can help us expand our social media reach across multiple platforms.

Creative Team

The Creative Team consists of artists and photographers who’d like to see their work publicised and placed alongside creative and thoughtful articles. They accept artwork commissions for articles, and have the opportunity to get involved in the look and feel of the paper.

How do I apply?

Editorial Team/Reporters/Business Team

Fill out this form by midnight on Monday 15th March. Your application will be considered and you may be invited to an informal ten-minute interview over Zoom. If successful, you’ll be appointed in Tenth Week.


If you’d like to become a regular feature of the paper, the process is simple. Simply email with your column idea and, if possible, a sample of your writing. We look forward to hearing from you!

Creative Team

Simply send a few samples of your work to

General Contributor

If you’re simply looking to write for us on a casual basis, there’s no application process! Simply join our Facebook group to access our regular content calls, or email if you have an idea of your own.

What does each section do?


The News section gives our readers a window into the heart of Oxford life. It reports on breaking news, finding exclusives from sources across the University, and it also conducts long-running Investigations. It aims to keep people informed of what’s going on, and to uncover the truth, good or bad. Being a part of the News section is an exciting, often fast-paced way to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Oxford. However, if you find yourself with a scoop and you’re not a Reporter for The Flete, don’t worry – you can still make your voice heard by emailing and contributing independently.


The Comment section is a chance for the students of Oxford to voice their opinions on anything from politics and current events to the world at large. Anyone can contribute, either by claiming a commission on a content call or emailing their idea to The Editors for this section are keenly interested in letting students’ voices be heard, and they publish content calls both for individual pieces and debate pieces, ensuring there is a balanced argument on both sides. Within the Comment section there is also a Satire subsection, which publishes humorous and ironic articles on a subject of the writer’s choice.


The Features section is a smaller section designed for longer, thoughtful pieces. Unlike the Comment section, which is heavily opinion-driven, Features are deeper looks into various aspects of student life from the writer’s individual perspective. Commissions will be posted on the Contributors page, but we welcome your pitches submitted to


The Culture section is perhaps our broadest section, divided into many subsections such as Literature, Film and TV, and Art to name but a few. It publishes articles exploring all aspects of culture, including reviews and recommendations, interviews with creators, and opinions on genre and form. You can pick up content calls for each section in our Contributors’ group, but we welcome your own ideas emailed to Each Editor for this section has a keen interest in and knowledge of their chosen branch of culture, and will provide fresh ideas for each content call. Culture also welcomes creative work, such as poetry or short stories.


Our International section is unique to The Flete, in that we are the only Oxford student newspaper which publishes articles in languages other than English. These articles can be on any topic, not necessarily one pertinent to the language in which they are written – the section aims to give Oxford’s large international student community an opportunity to write in the language of their home country, an opportunity that may be all too rare in Oxford. Editors of this section are native speakers of the language they edit. If you’d like to write a piece for us in a language other than English, email your idea to If you’re a native speaker and you’d like to get involved as an Editor, contact